Pinterest Follow for Follow Secret Group Board

Follow for Follow

How the Pinterest Follow for Follow Secret Group Board Works

If you’re looking to kick-start your Pinterest following immediately without purchasing followers or shamelessly changing your Pinterest name to “I Follow Back”, this is the Group Board for you.

This secret group board is organized by topic area. Pinners pin a link to their Pinterest profile within all topic areas of their choice. Other group members can use pinned links to find Pinners with similar interests and follow them. By joining this group board, each pinner is committing to following back within 10 days of another pinner from the group following you.

Steps Upon Joining

– Step 1: Follow other Pinners (feel free to follow all or only those specific to your topic area/areas).

– Step 2 (Optional): Pin your logo with a link to your Pinterest profile under all topic areas you are interested in so others with similar interests can find and follow you.

– Step 3: Be sure to follow back within ten days of a board member following you.

– Step 4: If you reach your Pinterest follower goals and no longer want to participate, simply delete your pins and remove yourself from the group.

How to Join Us

Complete the form below to join and I will send you an invite!

Inactive Participants Will be Removed

This only works to the extent that all members remain committed to helping each other so active participants only! Inactive participants will be removed.

Email me at with any questions.