Happy Halloween to My Mom and All the Halloween Costume Engineers

The Man In the Yellow Hat Halloween Costume Circa 1996

For my first Halloween as a mom I wanted to write a post for the woman behind the Man in the Yellow Hat. My mom is responsible for decades of homemade Halloween costumes, unique kids room decor and school projects that were suspiciously well-executed. Over the years she brainstormed costume ideas and lugged us to stores far and wide. When Halloween rolled around she patiently braided wire into my Pippi Longstocking hair or painted my witch face green.

At the time I thought nothing of her creativity and enthusiasm but today I realize how much effort actually went into it. She designed costumes without Pinterest, collected materials without Amazon and documented everything without a cell phone camera. Thanks Mom for always making your creative endeavors seam easy and fun! I suspect that I owe my creative side to you.

More from My Mom

Mini Stump Wedding Placecard Holders and Crochet Baby Hat

Lately being an empty nester hasn’t stifled my mom’s creativity. The wedding placecards and crocheted baby hat above are just a couple of the ways she is still making my life easier and more adorable.

I also want to give honorable mention to my dad. He may not be the creative director in the family, but I know my mom didn’t chop all of those tree branches on her own.

I hope everyone has a safe, warm and creative Halloween!

And most importantly I hope I’m not the only one who’s already on my sixth Reece’s.

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