Quick Halloween Craft Part II – Baby Charlie Brown Halloween Costume

Baby Charlie Brown Costume

Baby Charlie Brown Halloween Costume

I liked this costume idea because it’s simple, it required minimal effort on my part and I knew our little Charlie Brown could continue to wear all of the clothes we bought long after Halloween. It also didn’t hurt that our baby has a giant baldish head much like good ol’ Charlie Brown.

I’m always thinking ahead and Charlie Brown may make a second appearance alongside a pathetic Christmas tree for this year’s Christmas card photo.

Cost: $10

Time: 10 minutes


Charlie Brown baby Halloween costume materials

Lessons learned:

  • Zig zags are not slimming even if they are black.

Step 1: Find the outfit

You will need yellow socks, dark colored shoes, a yellow shirt, onesie or polo and black shorts. You may also want to grab dark eye liner or eyebrow pencil to draw the single curly-cue of hair on Charlie Brown’s forehead. When Halloween rolled around we were missing a yellow sock so we ended up using football socks instead.

Step 2: Iron black zigzags onto the onesie. 

This was really the only DIY component of this costume. The iron-on vinyl I bought didn’t come with instructions so it took a little trial and error. I used an old t-shirt to test it out before I got started.

Vinyl cut into a zag-zag pattern to make Charlie Brown’s shirt

First I cut the vinyl into a zig-zag pattern long enough to wrap all the way around the onesie.

Ironing on zig-zags to make Charlie Brown’s shirt

I washed and dried the onesie once to shrink it ahead of time. Then I ironed zig-zags on with the vinyl shiny-side-up and a piece of parchment paper between the iron and the vinyl. I held the iron on for about 30 seconds per section. Once I had made my way around the entire onesie I carefully peeled the plastic off.

Step 3: Accessorize

I picked up a football for the little guy to play with and made Snoopy’s Doghouse out of a cardboard box.

The Making of Snoopy Ears Out of a White Onesie

I also covered ovals cut out of cardboard with black fabric and pinned them to a onesie to make Snoopy ears. To put them on our dog Mo I just pulled his ears through the arms of the onesie. He wasn’t the biggest fan of this process but we made it worth his while with about a dozen biscuits.

Now we just need to recruit Lucy, Linus and a little red haired girl and we should be all set for a Peanuts Halloween.

Step 4: Celebrate Halloween

This time of year always brings to mind the contrasting images of candy-drunk kids bundled beyond recognition and vodka-drunk college girls bravely freezing their bunny/mouse/devil tails off.

This year Charlie Brown and I will be warm at home greeting trick-or-treaters and watching Snoopy lose his mind every time the doorbell rings.

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