Quick Halloween Craft – Snoopy’s Doghouse

Snoopy’s Cardboard Box Doghouse

Our little guy is going to be a 10-month-old Charlie Brown for Halloween this year so I decided to create some accessories to go along with his costume. First up was Snoopy’s doghouse.

I know you’re probably reading this thinking “good grief”, but in my defense we may recycle this into a Charlie Brown Christmas card and get a second use out of it.

Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $2 (for spray paint)


Snoopy's Dog House Materials

  • Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Spray paint
  • Sharpee

Lessons Learned

  • N/A. My goal was to keep this quick, easy, cheap and fun. Not surprisingly I fell short of building a structurally sound Amish Victorian doghouse.

Step 1: Construct the Doghouse

 Snoopy's Dog House Base
I used two boxes for this. The first smaller box was the base of the house. For that I just cut the corners off of the lid of the box and taped all four sides together at an angle so that they could support a roof.

Snoopy's Doghouse Measuring the Roof
I used the second box for the roof and drew approximately where I wanted to cut.

Snoopy's Dog House Constructed
Once I cut the cardboard I just stuck the roof on top of the base to make sure it was about the right size.

Step 2: spray paint red

Snoopy's Dog House Spray Painted

I didn’t bother to remove the amazon tape before I painted and it still showed up after the first coat so I used two coats of paint to cover the base and the roof.

Step 3: Attach roof to base

Snoopy's Dog House Attaching the Roof
I looped four pieces of packing tape so they were sticky on both sides and attached them to the unpainted side of the roof. Then I simply dropped the roof on top of the base.

Step 4: Add lines

Snoopy's Dog House Complete
I added two black lines to the roof and two black lines to the base with a sharpie to make it look more like snoopy’s doghouse.

This was easy because I wanted it to look like a hand-drawn cartoon. To achieve that effect I made sure the lines were not perfectly straight.

If I’m feeling ambitious between now and Halloween I might go back and add in a dog door and “Snoopy” sign to one of the sides. I also might thicken the black lines so they show up better in pictures.

More to Come 

To go with Snoopy’s doghouse I’m planning to pull together a Charlie Brown costume for my son and some Snoopie ears for our dog. Woodstock may even make an appearance. Any other Peanuts Halloween suggestions?

Update: Halloween has come and gone! Here’s my post on good ol’ Charlie Brown.

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