Paint Chip Art for Beginners: Geometric Shapes

Geometric Paint Chip Art

Geometric Shape Paint Chip Art

I have a long-standing love of paint chip crafts. You get to hand-pick the colors and shapes, it is super-easy to create something unique and most importantly they are available for free. Today I want to share my process for creating geometric paint chip art.

Cost: Free!

Time: 30 minutes to an hour depending on size


Geometric Paint Chip Art Materials

  • Painting tape (The wider the better – I use 3″)
  • Shape hole punch (I have used half inch squareslarger squares and triangles but I’ve also seen examples I like using pentagons and diamonds)
  • Paint chips
  • (Optional) Mod Podge

Lessons learned:

  • Avoid making the colors too coordinated or symmetrical. In my experience paint chip art looks best when there are some surprising colors and shades and it doesn’t look overly planned out.
  • Use painting tape to pull it together. The first time I tried this I used adhesive spray and it was a lot slower and messier.

Step 1: Pick Your Colors

Paint chip art on living room photo ledge
Living room photo ledge


Just like the Dude’s rug from the Big Lebowski, paint chip art can tie a whole room together. It is a great way to integrate colors because it’s easy to hand select and incorporate many different shades which unite other elements in the room. I used 4×6 framed paint chip square art to help coordinate our photo ledge with colors we used in the rest of the living room.

Step 2: Procure Paint Chips

Paint Chip Hoarder
Me at any paint or hardware store

When I first got started with paint chip crafts I would grab a couple from a display here and there when I got the chance. Over time, I became increasingly aggressive in my paint chip pursuit and pretty soon I was walking into Sherwin Williams like I owned the place and snagging twenty paint chips before their customer service reps had time to greet me. I have a guilty conscience so I eventually caved and bought Behr and Sherwin Williams fan decks. If you have the same concerns, Craft Gossip provides a great overview of paint company policies on crafts involving paint chips. Generally they are supportive as long as you’re not selling anything for a profit.

Step 3: Punch It!

Cutout paint chips

In my opinion, it’s easier to punch out a bunch of paint chips in your color scheme and spend a few minutes playing around with arrangements before you actually start attaching paint chips to the tape. This makes things go a bit faster than punching ’em out as you go. It also gives you an opportunity to shift things around and make sure you like the overall look before anything is taped down. When you’re punching out shapes, I recommend holding the punch upside down so it’s easy to see what you’re doing.

Step 4: Arrange

Completed paint chip art arrangement
I did a little game-planning before I started to arrange. For the triangle art in our dining room I decided to work from left to right. I placed darker colors on the left, brighter colors in the middle and more muted colors on the right. It ended up making this project more visually interesting than uniform color selection throughout. I’ve also seen a few ombré examples on Pinterest with varying tints and shades of only one or two colors.

Use painting tape to quickly create paint chip art
To connect the shapes to one another I used painting tape and simply stuck them on. This also made it easier for me to attach the finished product to the matte with edges of the tape.

Optional Step 6: Coat with Mod Podge

I knew I’d be framing my paint chip art so I skipped this step. If you want to display paint chip art in a glassless frame or skip the frame it might make sense to add a thin coat of mod podge to help protect your art.


This project is pretty inexpensive and fool proof so you can find variations of it all over the internet. Below are a couple more ideas for simple paint chip art that I played around with.

  • Add negative space between shapes. I’ve been intimidated by this one because I would have to use glue instead of tape and the spacing would need to be pretty precise.

Geometric paint chip art with negative space

  • Choose colors that give the illusion of 3D. With a paint chip fan deck you can just use the darkest colors from the bottom of each page in the deck in the same quadrant of each square (in the example below the darkest colors are all on the bottom). Then you can place the next darkest color on the left and so on.

Geometric paint chip art in 3D

What other variations have you seen or tried?

More to Come

Next up in my attempt to document my love of paint chips will be paint chip animal art I made for my son’s nursery which I will link to once published.

Animal paint chip art for nursery

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